Incompatability with WinCompose

  • Wincompose is a utility to allow easy entry of characters like ä. I pressed <Right Windows Key> then <">, then <a> to generate that. The <Right Windows Key> is functioning like the “compose” key on the old DEC keyboards.

    I am using Wincompose 0.7.4 with Notepad++ v6.8.3, and when Notepad++ has the focus, it reacts to the Compose key rather than letting Wincompose respond to it. (I have tried changing the compose key to Right Windows, Menu, and Right Control with the same effect).

    Is this a known bug, a known incompatability, or „by design“? … and is there a known workround?

  • Problem solved: Notepad++ needed to be restarted after installing WinCompose. (Notepad++ obviously hooks into the keyboard handling at quite a deep level – it also needs to be restarted after changing keyboard layout.)

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