Highlighted hyperlinks

  • I would like VERY MUCH to have one more option for hightlighting hyperlinks in NPP.
    Currently we have:
    1- Settings/Preferences/MISC/Clickable Link Settings: Enable clickable hyperlinks
    2- Settings/Preferences/MISC/Clickable Link Settings: no-yes Underline hyperlinks
    3-Settings/Style Configurator/Style: URL hovered(lastl line): Foreground Font color (with compulsory underlining when hovered)
    Is there a way to have independently selectable, cumulative, non exclusive:
    1- Enable clickable hyperlinks
    2- no-yes Underline hyperlinks (permanent/when hovered)
    3- Choose hyperlinks font color (permanent/when hovered)
    Is there a pluging somewhere dealing with such issue?
    Also, wouldn´t it be more logical for NPP to have the hyperlink options grouped either at Settings/Preferences or Settings/Style? I would favor Settings/Preferences, as I consider that not as a matter of Style, rather of Function.

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