When NP++ starts up I can't edit file

  • After a recent upgrade to NP++ ever time I open a file it starts in a mode where I cannot edit the text and displays a blinking-block cursor.
    If i then hit the Insert key (which is a Fn-Insert key on my laptop) I can edit text normally an the Insert key toggles between Insert and Overtype as I would expect.
    It does not start in Overtype, it is a weird mod where I can user the mouse and or arrow keys to move around and select, copy, or paste text but cannot type any text until I hit ‘Fn-Insert’.
    Any Ideas?

    Another note, I uninstalled NP++ and installed the latest version 6.8.3 and sill have the same problem on my laptop. Other system work normaly.

  • What plugins do you have installed?

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