Having trouble getting started with demo : NppPlugins.NET ~ plugin-howto.html - the system cannot find the file specified

  • Hi All
    I have downloaded the NppPlugin.NET.v0.5.zip from the plugin HowTo page and opened in VS Community 2013 on Windows 10 having installed the required earlier versions of the .Net framework as prompted when opening the solution.

    When I try to build the demo I get the fabulously informative compiler error:
    Error 1
    Description: The system cannot find the file specified
    Project: NppManagedPluginDemo.VS2010.

    and no other information…

    Can anyone suggest how I go about fixing this?

  • Ok having hassled someone who actually knows VS and turned up the MS Build verbosity I have worked out the issue was the same as described in: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23497591/notepad-plugin-build-error-vs-2013

    Changing sdk path as follows: SdkPath="$(SDK40ToolsPath)"
    fixed it

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