has ClamAV reporting Win.Trojan.Ramnit-6818 infections

  • Greetings,

    I went and grabbed the latest copy (6.8.3) of Notepad++Portable, checked it against (Google has owned it for a while now) which has ClamAV reporting a Win.Trojan.Ramnit-6818 infection, while other scanners don’t. So I grab their last minor release package & checked it – same infection. Hrm? Okay.

    So I went to the NPP homesite proper, got a current copy and tested it on VirusTotal.comsame infection of Win.Trojan.Ramnit-6818 .

    So, either ClamAV has a false positive which you might want to share on your site’s FAQ, PortableApps, etc . OR NPP caught a little something from someone and has been redistributed to everyone everywhere with malware.

    I thought I would share so it could be remediated be it documentation on the site or anti-malware cleaning of the code/distributables.

    Thanks. Cheers, Mark S.

  • I have seen the same thing.

    I traced the introduction of the virus (or match) in the change from 6.7.4 to 6.7.5.

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