• Very simple plugin which I’ve created for going to file names written inside a text or source file. We had several problems with existing plugins for such functionality so I decided to write my own. Not sure that it’s very popular need, but still sharing it here. Also I’ve experimented with some interesting techniques in the source, so maybe someone will find it useful.

    Navigation (default shortcut is alt+G) to file, the name of which is selected or currently under cursor. Absolute and relative (to current file) file names are supported.


    • Stop symbols to help determine file name when selection is empty (Because symbols like quotes (") are technically allowed in file paths this settings is tunable)
    • Switch to files opened (on by default)
    • Open files in other view (on by default)
    • Open files in other program when their size is more than X MB. Off by default and the program path is tunable. (If you work with really large files but still want to see their contents in program like lister.exe)

    Source: (The only compiler supported is MSVC2015)
    Download link: (Windows XP is not supported currently)

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