Unable to load Auto Complete file

  • I use a python script to generate a auto complete file.

    After a recent format and reinstall of Notepad++ (to the latest version).

    This auto complete file wont load:


    I made a truncated version with the first two entries and it works fine.


    Can someone please help me understand why the full version of the auto complete file doesn’t load anymore?

  • Hi,

    I was unable to download files from links you provided, so please try to find another location for them.

    Meanwhile try to check XML format, using plugin “XML Tools” Menu: Plugins -> XML Tools -> Check XML syntax now. Also check if keywords are sorted.

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    finally I downloaded files. I checked file using XML Tools, and found errors. So you need to correct them.

    First you should use escaped characters for attribute values of generated XML file (it will solve most of errors I can see):
    < -> &lt;
    > -> &gt;
    & -> &amp;
    " -> &quot;

    To change this lines containing special characters like:

    <Param name="&flags"/>
    <Overload retVal=">"

    I don’t know python, but it should be easy to implement escaping for you I guess -> Escaping XML.

    Then simply use XML Tools to check file, until it will be correct.

    Hint: You can use &#x0a; for new line in descr attribute. It will made file easier to read.

    descr="1st Line&#x0a;2nd Line"

    Best regards,

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