Notepad ++ moves to a different monitor after using right click menu

  • Hello,

    I’m having an issue similar to this:

    When I right click in a file in Notepad ++ and select an option from the right click menu, the entire program minimizes, then maximizes on my primary monitor. This seems to occur with every right click menu function I attempt to use. Also, certain drop down menu functions seem to cause this issue as well. For instance, if I select something from a file, right click, and select copy, this issue occurs. When I select something from a file, then go to Edit > Copy, this issue occurs. If I select something from a file and use a keyboard shortcut, like Ctrl + C, this issue does not seem to occur. I’m trying to use styles with several files, so I’d really like to be able to use the right click menu.

    Also, if I have search results in a separate window, when this issue occurs those results will move to my primary monitor and the search results window will be resized to be very small (no text is visible in this window).

    I am currently experiencing this issue on version 6.8, but I also tried 6.8.5 and 6.8.3 with the same results. Is there an existing bug that could be causing this behavior?

    Thank you,

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