Notepad++ duplicated on taskbar when pinned

  • Hi everyone,
    I’m trying to use Notepad++ whenever possible so I pinned it on my taskbar.
    I’m facing an issue with it though: when I open Notepad++ it ignores the already pinned
    icon and opens a new one in the taskbar.
    Searching about this issue I found that most users solve it by putting the problematic program in compatibility mode (Windows Vista). It doesn’t work in my computer though.

    I’m running Windows 10 and it’s really annoying.
    Does anybody know how to fix it?

  • Dont quite have an answer, but I pinned my notepad++ to taskbar. Recently, I decided to uninstall NP++ to get lates version, and I noticed that, after uninstalling, it was still pinned to taskbar. I clicked on it and it was still working. Odd stuff. Antway, I removed the pinned thingy, made sure i deleted the folder, and reinstalled. I selected desktop icon, then dragged desktop icon to taskbar. No more tomfoolery after that.

  • If this isn’t strictly a Windows 10 anomaly, then maybe the Settings–>Preferences–>Multi-Instance setting will help you do what you want…

  • Hi there!
    Unfortunately it’s not solved. I’ll keep you posted if I come to any solution.

  • After 3 months I found something that worked!
    I went to the plugin manager and discovered I had installed the NppJumpList that promises to give the Windows 7 jumplist support. I’m not sure it is installed by default or if I manually added it but turns out it doesn’t work on Windows 10 and was causing the issue. After I uninstalled the plugin NPP now works fine when pinned to the taskbar.

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