Find/Replace shifts data to the right

  • I am a NotePad++ user for a only a few months. I was able to Find commas and Replace with nothing using the Find/Replace box last week. Now Replace will delete the comma but shift rest of data line 3 spaces to the right. Here is my line of data.

    I could not copy and paste the Find/Replace box into here, but here are the main options:
    Find what: ,
    Replace with:
    Wrap around is checked.
    Search Mode is Normal.

    Here is my line of data after having Replaced the comma:
    15 00001,80287591,X,

    I want it to look like:

    Can anyone please help as I can not figure out what I may have done to cause this?

  • Perhaps your “empty” replace with box contains some spaces?

  • Jim, That was it. Thank you much. Since I was replacing with nothing, I could not see the spaces and thought perhaps I had messed up some option. I am good to go.

  • If you would kindly upvote my answer, I’ll be able to post more often than once every 20 minutes! Thanks.

  • Be glad to. How do you upvote?

  • I clicked on the ^ symbol and it changed the number by it from 0 to 1. I hope that was the correct way to upvote your answer. This is my first visit to this site and apologize for being such a novice.

  • That was it! Thanks, and welcome to the site.

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