Uploading Files....

  • I am a relative newby to all this and am finding Notepad++ is a brilliant programme.

    I have already asked one daft question and have been wondering about the ways to upload new and modified files to my small site which is 10 years old now and going pretty well,
    things change regularly in the scene I am involved in so I am updating stuff quite often.

    I use the Doc Switcher, its very neat, I select (highlight) a file, then target the relevant directory in the Notepad++ NppFTP window and upload it.

    Can I ask, is it possible to select a group of files in the Doc Switcher window by highlighting a bunch of them, targeting the required directory in my site and then uploading the entire batch in one go without any interruption ?

    I am uploading files one at a time just now and this ability to upload a bunch of files would be very useful…

    I hope this isn’t a daft question, I have looked for a setting somewhere but to no avail.

    Thank you for what is, an amazing programme


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