onclose.. save file or it will be lost

  • Since last update, I’ve been getting a notice (sometimes!) on close of notepad++ to save an unsaved file because the backup has been lost “deleted from outside”.

    There’s usually 30 or 40 open files, some massive and some tiny. Mostly 64KB or less. I might also have 8 scratchpad “New 1, New 2, etc” files open but not saved. I’ve got a fairly large workspace open with a dozen projects each with 5 or 6 folders and a few files in each folder.

    I get the message for one unsaved file and when I close the file and exit, I get no more messages. Have had no problems exiting notepad++ under identical use cases prior to last update. I usually close notepad++ once every few weeks, so hard to pin down… Anyone seen something like this?

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