When ReOpening NPP, it no longer remembers the location where I was when I last exited

  • This is most likely my fault, yesterday I was in need of an XML formatter and Tidy was giving me issues. I found a Stack Overflow question that helped me through it. But I had to manually copy some plugin files over. I hate not having that last location option. I thought I would just uninstall and reinstall, but that did not work. I went through the settings and can not find one that makes sense to me for this setting.

    What can I do?

  • Under Preferences–>Backup, is the Remember current session for next launch checkbox checked?

  • Yes it is.

  • Well, that was my best guess.

    I use the Session Manager plugin to remember not just the last set of files I had open, but many, many named sets of files. You might want to give that plugin a try. If you do, you will want to uncheck the Remember current session for next launch checkbox, since NPP won’t be managing your sessions any more.

  • Ok, I will check that out. One thing I just tried was Uninstalling NPP again and then DELETING the Notepad++ folder. Downloaded the latest and installed. It worked!!! BUT, I installed some of the plugins I had before and bam, does not remember anymore. I think it is Tidy, since that is one of the more recent ones. It could be the XML tools as well.

    For anyone trying to figure this out, the plugins I added after it was working, one of which made it fail could be one (or more) of these: Tidy2, XML Tools, NppAutoIndent, NppFTP, JSTool, JSON Viewer.

    I have had the last 4 for a long time. Tidy2 and XML Tools are when this issue started.

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