Notepad++ Update not finding new versions

  • Hi,

    I have Notepad++ v6.8.3 installed on my Win7 x64 Home Premium.

    As I have a RSS feed reader for Notepad++, I’m aware of the recent new versions (latest is 6.8.6), howver, if I try to use the “? / Update Notepad++” menu (may not be the right spell, I have the french language installed), it says (in english!) : “No update is available”.

    Is it a known bug ?

  • Another unrelated thing FYI: while trying to log-in with my old Google account, I got a strange error… I had to upgrade my account to Google+ to be able to log-in here.

  • The auto updater is triggered about a week after a release, that way in case any major bugs are found, thousands of people don’t have a bad version.

  • I understand, that’s why I didn’t post this earlier: my current version is 6.8.3 and the latest release is 6.8.6, so it should at least update my software to 6.8.5. I’m wrong ?

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