Uninstall old version before installing new?

  • I’m on 6.8.3 which is wonderful. I found it while trying to find a way to make my default Notepad in Windows 10 come up saving in UTF-8 instead of ANSI. It’s 2015, I doubt if most people even know what ANSI is. But this one forum had a solution, and he gave all the details of registry edits and so forth but then he said “Why go through all that when you could just download Notepad++?” So I followed his link, and Notepad++ saves in UTF-8 by default, but you can change it in preferences if you don’t like that.

    However I see that 6.8.6 is out and though I also saw that auto updater will take effect in a few more days, I am thinking about just doing a manual update. I found no instructions so I wonder if I am supposed to uninstall 6.8.3 and then install 6.8.6, or if it is preferred that I just wait till the auto updater works. I notice that in my"?" menu there is no check for updates, or anything referring to updates like some people mention here in the forum? I wonder if that’s an issue or if it will magically appear when the week is up and auto updater is ready to do it’s thing?

  • Manual updates are perfectly fine and you don’t have to uninstall old versions.

    I notice that in my"?" menu there is no check for updates

    You either just have the standalone version of N++ (which does not auto-update) or during the installation you didn’t select the “automatically check for updates” option.

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