**Last version (6.8.5) not finding 6.8.6 on Update Enquiry**

  • I received an email from “Download.com” that there was an update to Notepad++
    with it moving to Version 6.8.6
    I went into my 6.8.5 version and clicked on the “?” menu item and clicked on
    “Update Notepad” and was informed “No update available”.

    If it was not for “Download.com” informing me, I would never have known!

    Perhaps Notepad++ itself should send out a (hopefully) once only email to all users to alert them to the update. Also, there must have been a bug in the old version and perhaps it is still present in the new version. I am not sure where to report this.

  • The auto updater is triggered about a week after a release, that way in case any major bugs are found, thousands of people don’t have a bad version.

    Bugs can be reported on Github.

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