Always go to top of the file when switch the tabs

  • I have a problem since one of the last updates - i not remember what was previous version.
    After update was v6.8.3, probably was one version before that one.
    When i switch between tabs (opened files) always go to top of the file and not remember current position where i was before that in the file.
    For example i open file: index.html and go to row 1000, i go to another tab - index2.html and again scroll to row 1000, when i switch back to index.html file i am in the top of the file, row 1

    I installed the last version from the web site (6.8.6), but the problem still exists - i was not able to find anything about that in Settings menu.

    Did anyone have idea why this is happens and how to fix it ?

  • It is caused by XML Tools. You can either update it from their website. Or turn off “Set XML type automatically”.

  • @dail Wow you are totally right, i disable it and everything is fine now, thank you very much !!!

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