Notepad++ display problem with line guide.

  • I’ve encountered an odd graphic display problem (or perhaps something more) related to the indent guide.
    This bug occurs in 6.7.7 and a completely clean 6.8.6 zip version as downloaded from

    Steps to duplicate using completely fresh install:

    • Open a new text document.
    • Turn on View > Show Characters > Indent Guide + Show All Characters
    • Press the enter key until you’re on about line 30
    • Put your cursor on line # 25.
    • Press tab about 10 times. - Notice how on line 5 you are now showing a bunch of tab guides?
    • Press enter 4 times. - Notice how you now have a block of 5 tab guides on lines 5-9 and on 25-29? (If automatic tab ident is on.)
    • Now move to line 35 and press Space once, then Enter 20 times. - Notice how there is now a new tab guide on line 45-49 at the same position at line 25-29? Editing the tabs at 25-29 will cause these phantom tabs to update on 45-49.

    For some odd reason, these tab guides seem to mimic whatever happened 20 lines above them. Not sure if this is a bug or a setting somewhere, but its certainly caused a fair bit of confusion.

    For most of the morning I believed that this problem was what was causing my block edit + tab presses to create all sorts of really weird and unexpected results, but i finally figured out what the cause of that was: In NP++ 6.7.7 having “p://w” (as in http://www) anywhere in your document would cause block inserts of tabs to completely malfunction and highlight/erase random blocks of text with continued keypresses.

    Anyway, with my more significant problem solved, can anyone tell me if this is a bug with the guide, or an intended behavior / where the setting to stop these phantom guide lines from showing up is? (I do want the guide lines on, i just dont want them to show up mirrored multiple spaces away on lines that dont have any tabs!)

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