Change the Tab caption from code

  • HI
    I am working with the .Net plugin template in C# and am having trouble trying to change the tab caption (file name) from code.
    We have our source code stored in a database. The plugin gets the selected code into a new page in NPP and I need to set the file name
    so we can see the primary key string that IDs that selection of code instead of the default “new 1”.

    I am hoping for an example of code that does not require user manual intervention.

    Thanks in advance

  • I have realised how I can do this.
    In my plugin in C# I create a new file with the file name I need to link to the primary keys of the dDB data.
    Then use
    Win32.SendMessage(PluginBase.nppData._nppHandle, NppMsg.NPPM_DOOPEN, 0, path);
    to open the file with the tab caption set.


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