Language Call Tip (API)

  • I am creating a Language Call Tip (API)
    My function look like this /copy,Fname1,Ext1,–,Fname2,Ext2,–
    so my startFunc="," is a comma thus when I enter the second , comma in the function the Call Tip goes away.
    How can I handle this? I know I can use a ( as a start function and replace it after the function is written. but I don’t like that.
    Here is my code.

    • [<Environment ignoreCase=“yes” startFunc="," stopFunc="." paramSeparator="," terminal="!" additionalWordChar="*/"/>
      <KeyWord name="/copy" func=“yes” >
      <Overload retVal=“char” descr=“Copies a file.” >
      <Param name=“Fname1,Ext1,–,Fname2,Ext2,–” />

    Do i have the only language with “,” comma separators?
    Two more function examples. ESEL and FLST

    The problem is that the Programming language uses the same start function as the separator.
    /copy,Fname1,Ext1,–,Fname2,Ext2,-- (where /COPY is the command and the rest is the syntext)
    ASK, Par, Query, DVAL (Where ASK is the command)
    So I have a command and then my syntext separated by commas as son as notepad see the second comma it think it is a new command that it does not know and it stop displaying the tool tip for the original command.
    I need a way to tel notepad that it should keep the tool tip there until it see the terminal character that must be a space.

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