Make list of names clickable?

  • Hi i have a list of about 100 names in .txt file,it is possible to make them clickable?

    so if i click a name it open the corresponding txt file with the same name on a new tab?
    try to search but all i get is html hyperlink, and i don’t want to open the browser,just a new tab on notepad++

  • Hello Greeberet,

    Well, the problem can be split into two smaller ones :

    • Firstly, define the right form of an hyperlink to a file

    • Secondly, open this file, in a new tab, from inside Notepad++


    Let’s suppose, we have a file, named Abc.txt in the directory C:\Tools\Tests. Then the right form of a Notepad++ hyperlink, to that file, is, simply :


    Just notice, that you must insert the string file:/// before the absolute path of the file, and change any backslash, found in the path, by a regular slash

    If the path and/or the name of your file contains any character from the list below, you must change it with the corresponding %nn hexadecimal syntax

    SPACE    ->    %20
      !      ->    %21
      $      ->    %24
      '      ->    %27
      ;      ->    %3b
      [      ->    %5b
      ]      ->    %5d
      ^      ->    %5e
      `      ->    %60
      {      ->    %7b
      }      ->    %7d
      ~      ->    %7e

    Moreover, any character with ANSI code between \x80 and \xff, and, especially, all accentuated characters, will be changed in their appropriate %nn syntax !

    For instance, if the name of your file is ©'Final' chapter [of my book].txt, the hyperlink should be, for the same directory than above, :



    Suppose that all your files, to be opened, in N++, via hyperlinks, have a specific extension : Let’s say .prg. Then, you just have to associate this new extension to Notepad++. To do so :

    • Choose the Menu option Settings - Preferences - File Association

    • Select the customize entry and type your specific extension .prg

    • Click on the -> button to register this extension, for N++

    • Close the Preferences dialog

    => Now, supposing that we still use the path above, each time you double-click, in any file, inside N++, on the hyperlink, below, the corresponding file My file.prg is, automatically, opened in a new tab of N++ !


    Note :

    I didn’t test with a known extension ( like .txt, .ini, .vb or else ) but it should work, too ! ( Just choose the language or type first, then the wanted extension and click on the -> button )

    Best Regards


  • @guy038 Thankyou ,that worked!

    Anyway to hide the skeleton code?

    sorry been trying to reply with proper code block for the past 2 hours but can’t,keep getting:
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