Extended Search mode in Find dialog

  • Two related questions:

    • The Find dialog has a radio button for Extended search and gives examples I recognize like \t for Tab. But I don’t find any documentation on which characters Notepad++ supports. Is there a list somewhere?

    • I have a text file that Notepad++ displays in columns in normal mode. If I turn on View/Show symbol/All, I get something like an arrow -> as the column separator. I want to change this to a comma but can’t figure out how. (\t is not found. I expected it to be a tab character but it isn’t.

    Thanks for any help.

  • I’m looking for this too. Where is the standard help file or faq’s on find and replace functions for extended searching and such?

  • For whatever reason, it seems to have left the ? menu. F1 brings up About.


    (in browser) is an example of where I could find it before updating recently (mine was around v6.3.x at the time), using Windows 7. I can still find it there and you may have it available as well. In case you don’t, here’s the list:

    \\ - Backslash character;
    \t – TAB character;
    \r – CR character;
    \n – LF character;
    \0 – NULL character;
    \x## - Hexadecimal value (between 00 and FF);
    \u#### - Extended hexadecimal value (between 0000 and FFFF, meant for Unicode characters);
    \d### - Decimal value (between 000 and 255);
    \o### - Octal value (between 000 and 377);
    \b######## - Binary value (between 00000000 and 11111111).

    However, I have a problem with searching things like “w\0o\0r\0d”. It seems to combine the characters in a weird way, and I’m not sure why. Same happens with \x00 instead of \0. \x00o might find \x00n instead, or \0\0. I don’t know if I’m doing something weird, but it seems like this should work fine.

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