Recover or fix corrupted .txt file

  • I have a plain text file that I frequently open, type text into and then save and close, once or twice a day using Notepad++.

    It is a simple .txt file onto which I frequently type a few additional paragraphs always in Notepad++. For some some reason when I opened the file today, it was full of NULL characters and other weird characters.

    I have tried Recuva, which did not help.
    I do not see a “Previous versions tab” when I right click and go to properties.
    I looked in the AppData folder and I do not see a backup folder.

    chkdisk did not do anything.

    I tried to open the file in Word using the “recover any file tool” and I got a blank document.

    The web is filled with posts discussing a backup folder for Notepad++ but I never see it. I have set invisible files and folders to be visible and cannot find backups anywhere. I downloaded Notepad++ almost 2 years ago and I have left it at the default settings.

    Can someone please help me fix this file or find a backup? I am using windows 8.1 on a HP Pavilion G6 laptop.

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