Console behavior with process error message.

  • I don’t know where to put this. Maybe here, maybe in plugins? Anyway…

    Notepad++ edited source. Save it. use Plugins menu to select nppexec/execute with following script:
    c:\euphoria\BIN\eui.exe “$(FILE_NAME)”
    If there is no error in the source file the script executes and the results are reported in the console window.
    If there is an error in the source file the interpreter (eui.exe) reports the error(s) and terminates the process. The console window does NOT report the errors and continues as though the process is still running.

    If I do the same from a Windows cmnd console, i.e.:
    type c:\euphoria\bin\eui.exe test_4.ex (which is a text file on disk that is the result of the notepad++ save) in cmnd window. The cmnd window reports the errors and shows the process terminated.

    Question: How do I get the Notepad++ console to behave like the Windows cmnd window and report everything?


  • eui.exe is probably writing the errors on STDERR (standard error). If so, then one of these should work for you:

    c:\euphoria\BIN\eui.exe 2>&1 "$(FILE_NAME)"


    del _temp_eui_err_out >nul
    c:\euphoria\BIN\eui.exe "$(FILE_NAME)" 2>_temp_eui_err_out
    if exist _temp_eui_err_out type _temp_eui_err_out

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