How can I tell the difference between Save and SaveAll

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    I am using the notification NPPN_FILEBEFORESAVE but I can not tell if this is a Save Click or a Save All click.
    When I catch the event I can read the current file but when the event fires more than once for the Save All click the current file does not change.

    What I need to get is the full file path for each file as it is being saved with the Save All

    Thanks in advance


  • (Depending on what language you are using this may vary a bit)

    The SCNotification struct has a Sci_NotifyHeader struct, which has an idFrom field. This is the BufferID. You can then use NPPM_GETFULLPATHFROMBUFFERID to get the path from that.

    The documentation doesn’t state the BufferID is carried in that notifaction, but looking at the sourcecode it looks like the NPPN_FILEBEFORESAVE notification does infact carry the BufferID.

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