• I need to scan several large files and correct the capitalisation of a number of words in each file. (Yes, it’s going to be tedious, but there is no algorithm to determine what to capitalise because it depends on the meaning of the context!)

    When I’ve got the cursor to the start of a word that I need to change to “Proper” capitalisation (i.e. change the letter in front of the cursor to Upper case), what is the simplest way of doing it, please? I’m happy to do a macro if I need to, but I can’t seem to see how to change the case of a character …


  • I’ve got at least part of an answer, thanks to other posts on this forum. I’ve recorded a macro that selects the next character and then applies the plug-in TextFX->TextFX Characters->UPPERCASE. I can now simply hit Ctrl-Shift-P wherever I want to capitalise the next character.


  • Aaargh! I thought I was there, but I’m not :-(

    The issue now is that it always replaces the next character with a uppercase version of the one that was next when the macro was recorded, whereas I want it replaced by the current next character … However, I’ve now discovered the Edit>Convert Case to->UPPERCASE which does do what I want. I wonder why the TextFX plugin doesn’t. Ah well, at least I can start my conversions …


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