CSS - Enter Colon After Autocomplete

  • Hi,

    I’m wondering if there’s a way so to have the CSS autocomplete enter a colon at the end of the current selection?

    For example, type “marg”, select “margin-left” from the pop-up autocomplete selector box, and press enter to select that option. You’re then left with “margin-left” typed out. I’m looking to see if it’s possible to have it type out “margin-left:” with the colon at the end of the property when you hit enter to select it?


  • Hi Bruce,

    if this should always happen you can modify the particular api file located
    under YOUR_INSTALLATION_PATH\Notepad++\plugins\APIs.

    E.g (css.xml)

    <KeyWord name=“margin-bottom” />
    <KeyWord name=“margin-left:” />
    <KeyWord name=“margin-right” />


  • Absolutely perfect, cheers mate.

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