Visual Enhancement: cool particles when you enter power mode

  • Hey guys!

    There is pretty cool visual enhancement which can give a lot of joy in Notepad++ -

    is it possible to develop a similar visual effect as plug-in?

    thanks for the answer!

  • How would this “give a lot of joy”? Is everybody all about brainless eye-candy and wants to waste developer time on such? Let’s have our Notepad++ developers work on needful features and bug fixes, not silly stuff…

  • This is the most ridiculous and insulting thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. If I had an editor that was behaving like that, I’d immediately uninstall it and not recommend it to anyone ever.

  • Relax, guys. OP’s only wondering whether such would be possible, perhaps before attempting to implement it himself as an optional plugin.

    The main reason i see lots of people jizzing their pants over Sublime Text is that it looks nice. I prefer the superior feature suite of Notepad++ but agree that ST’s Monokai and tabs look better than Npp’s.

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