Lines missing in edited file ---- but only in Notepad++

  • I edited a file using Notepad++ and now when I open the file with Notepad++ it ONLY shows me the lines I edited. All other lines are blank.

    At first I thought it had screwed up my file big time but when I open the file with plain Notepad all the lines are there.

    I tried poking through all the menus but there are so many options it makes my eyes cross.

    So I decided it might be better to ask here.

    How do I make Notepad++ show me ALL the lines in the file?

    Is there a way to have it show all the lines with edited lines in red or some other color to distinguish what I edited from what I didn’t?

  • Hi Arizona Willie ,

    in npp it is possible to hide lines (menu view->hide lines) but I assume you didn’t
    do that, did you? Can you just double check?

    If this wasn’t the issue may I ask you a few things.

    This is a clean install isn’t it?
    No additional plugins?
    No customization of the user interface like choosing different default font etc…?

    Which OS do you use?
    Which npp version?
    Which language settings do you have?

    Regarding the highlighting - this is done by the plugin called Location Navigate. Check Mark Changed Line.


  • No I hadn’t hid the lines … it was the first time I used the program.

    No plugins or extras that I’m aware of.

    I went where you indicated and clicked Hide Lines a couple of times and I think on the third time the lines that were hidden came back.

    Thank you very much. Very helpful.

    This program needs a college course on how to run it there is so much in it.

    Way more than I was expecting.

    Notepad++ was mentioned in a game forum and I decided to try it.

    Somehow I had missed the Hide Lines option in the View menu. Probably just going too fast.
    I have a habit of that, I’m afraid.

    All the features are impressive.

    Thanks again.

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