"Pretty Print" plug-in

  • By any chance, is there a plug-in that will “format” the source code such as:

    • bracketing the code within loops, ifs, functions, etc? Such as drawing the “nest” from the start of the { thru the next { all the way down to the } and }. Example:
      ±— if statement {
      |… do this;
      |…do this;
      ±---- }

    • bold the “keywords”

    • bold the “function, class names”

    • build a cross-reference to the functions (their line numbers) at the bottom of the print out

    • build a “tree” showing the flow from the top to the bottom (listing the PHP items, HTML items, functions) in order processed (top to bottom)

    There use to be a program called “Source Print” back in the good old days of dBase III+ that would do all of this formatting of the program, what it “called”, line numbers of the source code, bracketing the loop, conditional code, etc.

    Similar to the following VB printer/documenter: http://www[dot]hallogram[dot]com/pretty/

    Does this make sense?

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