N++ Save Personalisation / Customisation

  • I’m a fan of N++, have been for many a moon. Apologies in advance for a naive question, but what is the easiest was of saving all of my Personalisation / Customisation of N++. Having gone through a few rebuilds lately, installing the vanilla N++, adding my favorite AddOn’s, customising toolbar, font, colours, languages etc etc is time consuming.

    What is the recommended way to save all of my personalisation and customisation of N++, for use on a re-install type basis?

  • Hello Owd-Larrd,

    afaik there isn’t a recommeded way to do this.
    What I do is to download one of the zipped
    versions of npp, unpack it to a temporary folder
    and run a diff tool to see the changes and
    act accordingly. This takes normally 10 minutes
    then it’s done.


  • @Owd-Larrd or Johnny B., if you prefer. :-)

    I also update the way Claudia mentions. I think it may be the only effective method.