ShellExecute failed(2): Is this command correct?

  • Since upgrading to v6.8.7, I get the above error when try to open a file with a right mouse click. The rest of the command line seems to be, “…\notepad++.exe” “…\xyz.txt”. I thought that maybe I had a registry problem so I did uninstall Notepad++, rebooted and reinstalled Notepad++ but got the same results.

    Notepad++ works fine when I open a file while in the application. Any ideas?

    Jim Driskell

  • Hi James Driskell,

    did you see this or that?


  • Thanks for the insight. I usually run everything as “Administrator” but apparently Notepad++ doesn’t work this way. Unchecked the attribute and now it’s working.

    Jim Driskell

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