Notepad++ 6.8.6 wont ask me to save, if change were made

  • When i write something down without and close the whole programm (without saving) it wont ask me to save the file. And thats the problem.
    But if i only close one tab (without saving) the pop up appears and ask me to save the file before. This works with no problem.

    Can anybody help? Thanks!

  • Solution

    You have to go on Settings -> Prefferences --> Backup --> Remove “Enable session snapshot and preiodic backup”

    Now I’m looking for how to make the change for all users. I didn’t find anything in the registry.

  • Hello Bakasomasu,

    within config.xml you will find a line like

    <GUIConfig name="Backup" action="0" useCustumDir="no" dir="" isSnapshotMode="no" snapshotBackupTiming="7000" />

    the isSnapshotMode attribute is the one you are looking for.


  • Thanks Claudia!

    I’ve found it afterwards

    kind regards

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