Drag and Drop question...

  • Hello…When I highlite a word and want to drag it to a new location by a left click and hold, I can only drag it up to the top of the current area displayed on the screen. I need to have the screen scroll up with the mouse pointer when it hits the top of the page… Dragging is much better than a cut and paste.I can’t used the mouse wheel to scroll while the left button is pushed down. I use this program to edit cnc machine programs.
    Wondering if someone can help.Thanks,Mark.

  • Hello mark dambrowski,

    afaik, this isn’t possible yet.
    May I ask you why you think dragging is much better than cut and past?
    Maybe there is another convenient way to do it.


  • @Claudia-Frank Hello,Claudia… For me it is a matter of speed and convenience.
    I just simply swipe to highlite what

  • Sorry… I simply swipe to highlite and then click to drag where needed…Seems like less keystrokes to me…Just works easier to me…When you are marking large areas with the left button down and moving at the same time…it will advance the page…I need the page to advance while dragging also…THANKS!!

  • This seems like a reasonable feature request.

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