When reload file is it possible to update search results too?

  • Got log file. Updating it by File -> Reload from disk. On this file got open search (search by some Id). Is it any option or plugin to update search results too as file auto updated?

  • Depends on what you really try to achieve, I can think of a python script solution but
    saying update search result is a bit vague.


  • I got an open log file. Search for all instances of some GUID. Got it all open in one screen file.log and find results. Now when I update log file with new instances find result is not updated even if same Guid was added. You have to search for same GUID to get search updated too.

  • Hello Dzianis Nosko,

    so you want a feature that the old and new GUIDs are automatically highlighted when reload of file has finished, correct?
    Should just the word be highlighted or the whole line?
    Is there just one log file at a time or could it be that more files are involved?


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