Folder Change with Notepad++ !

  • I know this is probably stupid questions and I was searching for an answer but could not find one… I have a problem when saving and uploading files on my server.
    What happens is that I edit my file while nppFTP is connected to my server and upload folder is for example folder “abc”, but when I click to save that file on my localhost or computer ( I am sorry i am not so good in these technical terms ) before uploading, the folder automatically changes to example “bcd” causing me from time to time not to pay attention what I just did there and getting annoyed because I see no change in my code. Is there any way to fix this. Again I am sorry for my noobness but this is really annoying me! Thank you for your answers and response



  • Hello Djordje,

    I don’t get what has been changed. The folder on the server or on the localhost?
    Or was it the file? Can you give us a listing what you did? Ordering is important.
    Something like

    • connect via FTP to server
    • open file acb.txt in npp
    • edit file
      … and so on


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