Notepad++ on Wine, Crash on reload file dialog.

  • Not sure if the problem is on NPP’s end or Wine’s end. “This file has been modified by another program.” Whenever that dialog box comes up (sometimes just an empty frame) Notepad++ stops responding. If force quit the program and start it back up, I usually get the dialog box right away without any issues. It’s a minor annoyance and I’d like to figure out the root of the issue. Any ideas?

  • Hi @VergilPrime,

    I think this is a Wine issue. I’m getting the same when I open a file in N++ and delete it from outside.
    Modifying the file from Linux environment leads to the issue you describe, you can try modifying the file from another program within Wine to see if this will trigger the same behavior.
    I personally have configured N++ to silently update changed file without asking which is a kind of work-around.


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