Problem with 6.8.8 after installing plugin

  • Possible bug in 6.8.8? Or maybe it’s the plugin. Anyhow, I’m on Windows 10, 1511 (10586.29), 64-bit with NP++ 6.8.8 installed. When I install the PowerShell Lexer plugin from the Plugin Manager, it prompts me to restart NP++. I click Yes and it closes. But it won’t restart. Not even when launching from the app shortcut. Watching task manager it doesn’t even appear to attempt to launch. If I delete the plugin DLL from the plugins folder, NP++ launches and runs just fine.

  • Definitely sounds like a problem with the plugin. I’d report it to the authors of the PowerShell Lexer plugin.

    Just as an FYI, Notepad++ does support PowerShell.

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