Translation forum section completly unuseful

  • I believe that this section of the forum (translation) is completly unseful.

    The author of Notepad++ don’t consider our report or didn’t apply them.

    The translations are again not aligned.

    The installer has the same problem about translation and could be localized easily.
    But it seems that it didn’t interest to the author.

    Which is the scope of out activities if we didn’t see the result?

    No one reply here for long tim,e.

  • @Roberto-Boriotti
    Well, I agree that Don is a bit ignoring us translators , but that was always the situation for years! I’m afraid we cannot help it severely.

    This forum section is a good place for us translators, so we can help to each other.

    However you must know that officially the changes are done through the Pull Requests. E.g. not by this forum section. As said, this forum helps us translators.

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