"Find All" enhancement request

  • Hello, I do use extensively the Find All feature, but I find a bit annoying the fact that each result is always put in a new line, making multiple copies of same line in sequence.
    It should be configurable the option to have the result displayed in a new line or multiple results in same line as an unique output line. In latter way, it would result in different highlights for the same pattern when they are found in a single line.
    Also, I’d like to choose to display the line number in results or not.

    thanks in adavnce

  • Hello Federico-Gennari,

    not sure if you already know this or if it is useful for you, but did you try the mark all feature?
    Sounds like it could be a solution as well.


  • Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for the answer and yes, I’m aware of that workaround, as well the Analyse Plugin, which is not highlighting the matching patterns in result panel.
    I just thought that default feature could be made more customizable, since right now notepad++ is easily one the more user friendly and more complete text editors around (even under Linux there’s no such match). But of course this is up to developers.

    Thanks anyway!


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