Issue with Remote Desktop and Document Map

  • I have an issue with Notepad++ 6.8.6 and RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) sessions.

    If I RDC from my main PC (screen resolution 1920x1080, Win7Pro) to my laptop (screen resolution 1600x800, Win8.1Pro), and open Notepad++ with the Document Map visible, then shut down the RDC, leaving Notepad++ open on the laptop session, and then log back into my laptop, the Document Map doesn’t refresh itself correctly.

    It only seems to be a problem if the RDC session has a larger screen size than the computer it’s actually connecting to. If I do it the other way, logging into my laptop, opening Notepad++ with Document Map, then starting an RDC session from my main PC to the laptop, the Document Map seems to resize correctly.

    In any event, to work around the issue I just need to force the Notepad++ session to resize (a minimize/maximize routine works) and Document Map catches up.

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