UUID plugin request

  • I’d like to request a UUID plugin, that generates a unique ID, for ebook development.
    EPuB files need a unique book identifier, which often is generated by an external program.
    I like to use notepad++ to program my books, since they’re made in xml, but need to use an external program to generate the identifier.
    I’m sure it isn’t very hard to make.
    Sigil has one.

  • Hello H-B,
    if PythonScript has been already installed, then a simple script could do the job.
    Place the cursor where you want to add the uuid and execute the following script.

    import uuid
    uuid = str(uuid.uuid4())

    In addition the ToolBucket plugin has such functionality, be aware that the
    version which plugin manager knows isn’t the most recent one.
    This can be found here.


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