Using TextFx->Unwrap with Macro

  • When I create and run a Macro to use TextFx to Unwrap lines of text, it does unwrap the lines but replaces the text with garbage. The file contains nothing but plain text encoded as ANSI.

    This is a repetitive function for which I could save hours by running a macro.

    Is there something I’m missing or is this a bug in the code?


  • Hello BD-Lewis,

    I see what you mean and I think this is a bug.
    What you can do in the meantime is to record a macro while doing the same stuff with the replace dialog.
    So, if file is open

    • start recording
    • press ctrl+h
    • select extended in search mode
    • in find what type \r\n
    • in replace with insert a blank
    • press replace all
    • stop recording and save it.


  • I hadn’t thought of that option, but it will no doubt do what I need to do until the bug can be fixed. Thank you!

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