Select and run option

  • I am new user for Notepad++ (moving from Scite/scintilla) Now I am looking for select and run/execute option in notepadd++. I didnt find that option, please help me.

    In Scite: if the file is bat file i can select code and do Ctrl+0 (zero), which execute that selected of code … This is helpfull on running anything and everything if it is bacth file.

  • Hello sathish-kulal,

    the builtin function is Run (F5) which can execute an external program together with your file
    provided as a parameter.
    See here for a more detailed description.
    This means you can run batch files, python script, c program and so on but you provide your
    complete file like

    cmd /k python.exe “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)”

    “$(FULL_CURRENT_PATH)” is the path of the active document.

    In this article it is also mentioned that there is a plugin called NppExec which has much more functionality.
    Maybe worth to try it as well.


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