Can't figure out how to run WYSIWYG

  • Hi, I’m a brand new user and I appreciate this forum. Maybe I’m retarded but I can’t figure out how to enter the WYSIWYG mode. Thanks, Jim

  • P.S. I’m running Notepad++ v 6.8.8 on Windows 10 in PHP. Thanks, Jim

  • Hello Jim-Robson,

    I assume you are creating webpages with html and php
    and WYSIWYG refers to updated webpages which should be
    displayed automatically, correct?

    If so, no this doesn’t work that way. You need to edit the pages in npp
    and run (F5) it with your preferred browser. As you use php in addition,
    you need to have some web server instance running.

    In F5 dialog you can put in something like


    DRIVE might be replaced with C, D, etc.
    YOUR_INSTALL_DIRECTORY is, of course the directory where your browser is installed
    YOUR_BROWSER.exe something like Firefox.exe etc.

    $(FILE_NAME) needs not to be replaces, it refers to the open active document but
    http://localhost/ may be, depending whether you store everything in web server root directory.

    In addition there is a nppExec plugin which does the same as F5 RUN function but with more


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