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  • I have made a bunch of changes to notepad ++. now i want to copy my config file to another computer and have it act the same was as it does at work. what is the name of the config file that i can copy to another computer?

  • Hello Dan-McGovern,

    well it depends what you’ve changed and how you setup notepad++
    because it might be that multiple xml files are affected and multiple directorys.
    If you have local conf than xml files under notepad++ directory are the one
    you are looking for. In addition the plugin directory if you changed
    something here. If APPDATA configuration was selected during install
    %APPDATA% directory needs to be checked as well.

    Maybe the easiest way is to copy over the whole npp directory.


  • basically i wanted my style configuator file to come over. this is the one that tells notepad++ what to color the language. not sure that i want to copy over the whole directory but if that is what is needed so be it.

  • Styler configurator stores the changes in stylers.xml file.

  • thanks for the answer

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