Is possible to set deleting closing autocompleted stuff after first part was deleted ?

  • Hi
    Please I would like to know, how is possible to set in NP++ auto deleting closing parenthesis and everything auto complete related, when I delete opening part of it.

    For example I’m doing to write:
    -then it autocomplete it to this:
    print(“cursor position”)
    -but I press Backspace to delete first double quote. It deletes it, but closing one is still there. But it’s not needed and doesn’t make sense to let it there. So I must manually delete it. I would like to see feature to delete also that closing part, when I delete opening part. I hope you understand me

    this is how it became:
    print(cursor position")

    this is how I need it to set:
    print(cursor position)

    Thanks for reply

  • Hello John-Spark,
    goto Settings->Preferences->Auto-Completion
    and uncheck " "


  • But I want it to autocomplete !
    I need it do delete closing parenthesis, when I delete opening one. Got me ?

  • from cursors point of view
    if you delete left double quote and right from the cursor there is a double quote delete it
    but if right from the cursor there is anything else don’t do it, correct?


  • Your sentence is confusing.
    When one allow autocompleting, that means if notepad sees the first occurence - means as opening/starting sign, then notepad will write closing/ending part of it. And cursor is in middle of it. So to the left is opening parenthesis and to the right is closing. But what ever part I delete (Backspace button or Delete button), the other part is there. Which is struggle to me to delete it too. If autocomplete works in creating way, it should work also in removing way.
    Mostly when I remove left part of sign twin symbol. In our case, use Backspace to delete opening parenthesis.
    Now I hope this must be 100% clear for everyone

    Thank you

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  • Your sentence is confusing.

    Maybe because I’m not a native speaker. And yes, you confirmed what I tried to say.
    So, no, there is no builtin way to do this, but because you do python scripting
    you maybe installed python script plugin too, didn’t you?
    If so, you could try to enhance npp by writing a script which does
    register a char added callback and do the manipulation you want to achieve yourself.
    Sounds this as a reasonable solution?


  • No sorry. I dont know how write script and how mess with it.
    This what I need is totally essential setting I strongly believe. For example that has it set as default from beginning.
    It’s is basic needed behavior for every programming language writer. It makes sense because in almost all languages you must have opening and closing parenthesis. There is no thing like standing alone either left or right parenthesis.
    I’m very surprised nobody suggested this over years. I miss this very much !!!

  • In my mind autodeletion is not merely the inverse of autoinsertion. I have been using many various text editors for twenty-five years and I have never seen one that will do the type of autodeletion described here. If is capable of doing it, and it is such a critical feature for you, why not use that?

  • Hmm you wrote it like I would come from different planet.
    I’m not sure I described it well in my engrish :)

    But I’m sure it’s worth to build in. As I said for me as beginner, is pain in somewhere to make Atom work. It’s difficult to set it and know all available packages for my needs. It’s like every new package for every issue you want inside. It’s a lot of work to set it and also I’m not sure how overwrite basic-core key bindings and how manage conflicts of newcome key bindings coming with newly installed packages. But no more about Atom. My hero is Notepad++, I really want to stuck with it, but if me - a beginner has problems with it, I’m surprised others don’t.
    I just hope, this project won’t end like Sublime text ended or Lighttable too. Please developers listen to audience needs. Don’t let it die because of obsolete and not changing forward.


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