Jump Srolling When 'Hide Lines' Activated, how to handle that?

  • I typed thousands of lines, then I hide most of the line in order to save time scrolling. But when I moved to another tab and back to the previous tab, scrolling occurs leap. it makes me have to scroll back up. Features ‘hide lines’ have failed to work when we do move the tab window in notepad ++.

  • @Andyra-Wibisono

    does not happen to me, tried it with a 100 000 line text file where lines 100-99 000 where hidden.
    Maybe I did something different than you do.
    May I ask for a detailed step by step to see if it can be reproduced?
    Does it happen when you start npp without any plugins (using the -noPlugin switch)?
    Which os and npp versions do you use?


  • I did not use any plugins. My OS windows 7 and now I am using npp 6.8.8, and this problem still occurs in the latest version even. If I hide a lot of lines, scroll leap will occur when the cursor is placed under the hide lines area.

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