not finding ftp plugin

  • Hi, I’m trying Notepad++ and I can’t find the ftp plugin. I read a post that said notepad had to be connected to the internet, but where do you check that?

  • Hello Mindy-Thomas,

    the pc/operating system itself needs the internet connection.
    Did you use plugin manager (can be found under plugin menu) to load the available plugins?
    If so, did it happen that you cannot rerieve the list of available plugins?
    Did you post this message from the same pc?
    If so, I would think that npp has been blocked from your firewall.
    Depending which operating system you use there a different steps
    which need to be done to solve this issue.


  • Got it, thanks so much for the info! Is there a way to upload any changes automatically when you save the document?

  • I’m afraid I don’t see how this can be achieved easily
    as nppFTP does not provide any scripting/automation interface.
    Maybe you can convince the developer to add such functionality.
    (meaning to add auto upload, not the scripting/automation interface)


  • Then I’m confused. How do we upload changes?

  • By uploading the whole file via the NppFTP GUI.

    Once you installed the ftp plugin, goto
    Plugins->NppFTP and check Show NppFTP Window.
    A new window docks to npp. It has the settings
    icon (second from right) which looks like
    a gear wheel. If you hover over this icon
    it displays Settings. Press it and
    select Profile settings. Add a new server,
    name it like you want, set the username
    and password or click ask for password and
    set the hostname. Press Close.
    Now you should see that the first icon got
    activated, press it and select your newly configured
    server. If everything was setup correctly
    you should get a ftp connection and it should
    display the content of your root directory.
    Select the directory where you want to upload your file.
    Select the document from npp editor and press
    the upload file (4th button) icon.


  • Is there a keyboard shortcut for uploading?

  • I’m afraid, no - it was requested as a feature but developer never implemented it.
    The only shortcuts you can defined are

    • to show NppFTP window
    • to focus NppFTP window
    • to call about NppFTP

    Not very helpful if you want one for uploading.


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