What standard for Regular Expressions is Notepad++ using?

  • Hi,
    I have been using Notepad++ for occasional general editing for a couple of years, and find it very useful.

    I am starting to explore regular expressions but I have no reference for the regular expression terms or syntax. Can someone point me at a reference for the regular expressions used in Notepad++?

    My baseline for Regular Expressions is on Edit/1000 under RTE/A for HP Minicomputers (1985) and early HPUX, but nothing for the last 20 ish years as I only dabble in Unix/Linux … I saw the syntax change quickly in the early days but do not know if it has stabilised into a common format by now …


  • You will find an exhaustive discussion of the Notepad++ regular expression “flavor” here:

    Perhaps that contains a deeper treatment than you want/need. Basically N++ currently uses the BOOST implementation, and these TWO links, which are buried in the above link, are very helpful in understanding Notepad++'s regexes:



  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the help.

    I have all my editting done except for deleting lines.

    From the command line I would use something like:
    to search the file, find all occurrences of 2 quotes at the start of a line, and then delete that line. Repeat until end of file.

    I cannot see if there is a facility to drop into a command line, nor can I find a delete option in the Search/Replace menu.

    Can you tell me what I am missing?


  • Hello Tony,

    You can get this action, by two means, with Notepad++ :

    • by performing a simple Search and Replace operation, in regular expression mode

    • by deleting all the bookmarked lines, which contain two double quotes, at the beginning of each line

    First method :

    • Open the Replace dialog ( CTRL + H )

    • SEARCH ^"".*\R

    • REPLACE Nothing

    • Check the Wrap around option

    • Check the Regular expression search mode ( Important )

    • UNCHECK the .matches newline option, if necessary

    • Click on the Replace All button

    Notes :

    • ^ is an assertion, that represents the location between the last EOL character of the previous line and the first character of the current line

    • .* then matches the rest of the line, after the two double quotes

    • \R stands for any kind of EOL characters ( \r\n, for Windows files, \n, for Unix files or \r for old Mac files )

    • As the replacement zone is empty, then, the entire lines, containing "", at beginning of lines are deleted

    Second method :

    • Open the Mark dialog ( Menu Search - Mark… )

    • SEARCH ^""

    • Check the Bookmark line option

    • Check the Wrap around option

    • Check the Regular expression search mode ( Important )

    • UNCHECK the .matches newline option, if necessary

    • Click on the Mark All button

    • Select the menu option Search - Bookmark - Cut Bookmark Lines

    Best Regards,


  • Hi guy038,

    I had used part of your first example - I used search for ^"", but missed the rest of the line. Using the complete expression worked fine.

    Many thanks,


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